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I'm a 30 something wife and mother and I have always been rather artistic. As a child it was drawing that captured my attention, as a teen it was painting. When my son was born, I put the paintbrushes down in favor of a much less messy medium and quickly fell in love withthe camera. I took pictures of everything...but mostly I took pictures of my boy, just trying to caputre his essence- the joy, the beauty of him. As he grew, so did my passion for photography. I was addicted to the moments caught by this little black box. When my boy would no longer sit still, I had to learn to photograph him differently. With each new milestone in his life, there was a new milestone in mine.

The time came when I knew I just had to do this. I so much want to share this love with others. As an artist, I crave to capture these special moments and preserve them; preserve the emotion and spark of the everyday. I've learned that photography is so much more than a tool to help us remember what someone looked like at a specific point in time. It's about finding the honesty and beauty in our lives and illuminating it. I have found that the best way to do this is to shoot in locations that are familiar, meaningful, or comfortable for you and to use natural light. I would love to help you preserve the light in your life.
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